The Lawfirm

The Lawfirm Reymond, Ulmann & Partners is a multidisciplinary lawfirm that advises and defends company and individuals.

Moreover, the Lawfirm provides fiduciary services (accounting, tax declarations, VAT statements, salary management, social insurance affiliation, etc…) and services regarding off-shore companies (constitution, administration, bank account opening, etc…).

Members of the Lawfirm are acting as financial intermediaries licensed by the self-regulatory organization of the Swiss Bar Association and the Swiss Federation of Notaries (OAR-FSA) .

The Lawfirm is acting as respondent for a European reinsurance company in the context of cross-border disputes.

The Lawfirm is member of the international lawyer network INTERLEGAL (

Examples of legal services handled by the Reymond, Ulmann & Partners (not exhaustive) :

  • Banking and Financial Regulation
  • Company liquidation
  • Defence in liability claims against the organs of company (civil, criminal)
  • Defence of a company through a restructuring moratorium proceedings
  • Defence of either individual or company within Tax Administrative Assistance (TAAA)
  • P.D.G. of an IT company creating banking software
  • Defence of a company through an action for damages as a result of the destruction of its business premises
  • Regular mandates by the Commercial chamber of the lower court as corporate tutor
  • Defence of either individual or company within request of international judicial assistance
  • Defence of individual deprived of any nationality
  • Recovery on behalf of companies or individuals
  • Defence of a particular who does not hold any residence permit within the return of his custody
  • etc ...

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